Sunday, 31 August 2008

Spring Trees papers

Another one of my Mum and Dad's photos, this time of trees in bloom, was the basis for these three papers. Here is one of the sheets so you can see the whole thing

And here is the choice of three colours

Download the Spring Tree papers here

Glass beads

Some strings of glass beads for you now, again in several colours (lol the Pixie likes the hue and saturation button!)) I guess you seasoned digi-designers are shaking your heads and laughing but I'm still at the stage where its all very exciting!

Grab the beads here.

Metallic Foil Papers

These were the result of just playing with a mixture of filters etc and seeing what came out! Some "Metallic Foil" papers in a range of colours, here is an example

And these are the different colours

Download the metallic paper set here

Heart Brads

Some little heart brads for you in several different colours - there are several more things to add today so if you're reading this and there's nothing above it, check back in a little while!

Download the heart brads here

Any advice?

I've noticed some of my files (the .png ones) are showing up a little strange on 4shared. I've downloaded them to check and they are downloading just fine so does anyone know how I can avoid this? I'd hate anyone not to bother downloading them because they think there's something wrong with them when there isn't!

Any advice gratefully received!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Pet tags

Three little metal pet tags this time, one plain, one for the dog lovers and one for cat lovers!

Download the plain tag
here, the dog tag
here and the cat tag here.

Spiky tags

I call these my "spiky tags"! I reckon they'd look good with some text on them, or maybe a flower or whatever you fancy.....

Download the spiky tags here

African Violets

This one started life as a photo of a pot of African Violets taken by my Dad lol

Download it here.

Buttons galore

Some buttons for you today in a choice of 5 colours for you to use as you wish, with an optional stitch you can add or not as the fancy takes you!

Download the buttons

Friday, 29 August 2008

Brown rose paper

I think this one is brown roses viewed through a frosted glass door lol! Have fun with it.

You can download it here

Blue glass butterfly

A little blue glass butterfly for you - when I uploaded this to 4shared it looked rather odd but I've downloaded myself to test it and it downloads fine!

You can download him

Jumping for Joy

Here's a very simple layout I did using the "Rose" paper below. This is my Daughter Isobel on a "jumping pillow" at a children's farm this week!

I'd normally probably add a bit more but this is one of the first where I've been able to said I made everything on there myself!

Download the ribbon

Download the flower

Download the brad

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Butterfly Camouflage

I call this one "Butterfly Camouflage"! You can download it here

Freebie number 1 - Rose backing paper

Well, here is the first one! Hopefully as I get better things will be a bit more organised and I'll offer things as sets but for the time being they will be individual items. This backing paper I call "Rose" and there will be some matching items to come in due course.

You can download it here


Well, this is my new blog, which is intended solely to cover my digital scrapbooking "playtime"!. I've been using Paint Shop Pro for some time to do layouts with some of the wonderful papers and embellishments I've collected from other people, but I've recently discovered Photoshop Elements 6 and am completely hooked! I've been experimenting with making my own bits and pieces (I'm very much at a beginner stage) but I thought I'd share my makes on here in case anyone else finds them useful and hopefully they'll get better as I have fun practising!

Any comments will be very welcome!